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Rustic Design Living Room

Modern Makeover

Team Supreme takes pride in transforming your ceilings into clean, smooth surfaces, expanding your space, increasing property value, and now offering wallpaper removal services for a comprehensive interior transformation.

Ceiling Cornice.

Stipple Removal

Say goodbye to dated stipple or popcorn ceilings through our Stipple Removal, unveiling a modern and polished aesthetic that elevates the entire look of your living spaces.

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Revitalize your living spaces with Supreme Painting's Wallpaper Removal service, breathing new life into your home by eliminating outdated wallpaper and creating a fresh, modern atmosphere. Our Wallpaper Removal contributes to improved indoor air quality, preventing potential respiratory issues.

Interior Design
"A Supreme Painting & Decorating super came out in the middle of the job to check in on us. The Supreme team had no problem addressing a few of my nit picks once they were done. A fantastic job, I have nothing but great things to say!"

- Skyler Adelson

  • Why should I consider removing wallpaper from my home?
    Removing wallpaper is essential to modernize the look of your home, reduce respiratory and health issues due to nicotine and dust build-up, and increase market share when selling your home.
  • What problems can arise from attempting to remove wallpaper without professional help?
    Homeowners may face costly damage when attempting DIY wallpaper removal, especially with challenges like wallpaper applied directly on drywall, multiple layers, and painted wallpaper. Hiring knowledgeable professionals ensures a transformed, modern, and updated home without the risks.
  • Is removing wallpaper a crucial step when selling a home?
    Yes, removing wallpaper is often a significant factor for potential buyers, as wallpaper can date a home; however, with the correct procedure, equipment, and professionals, your investment can be transformed into a modern, updated space.
  • What benefits come from modernizing the look of my home by removing stipple/popcorn ceilings?
    Modernizing your home's look enhances aesthetics, creating a cleaner, more contemporary appearance that appeals to both residents and potential buyers.
  • How does the dust reduction process work during stipple/popcorn removal?
    The dust reduction process includes covering air vents, sectioning off removal areas, protecting surfaces, and using cutting-edge equipment, quality mud/plaster, and high-end paint products to ensure a transformative look with minimal mess.
  • Why should I consider removing stipple/popcorn from my ceilings?
    Removing stipple/popcorn ceilings is essential to modernize your home's look, reduce respiratory and health issues caused by nicotine and dust build-up, and increase market share when selling your home.
  • How can removing stipple/popcorn ceilings contribute to increasing my property's market share when selling?
    Homes with smooth, clean ceilings have higher market appeal, making them more attractive to potential buyers and increasing the overall market share of your property.
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