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Increase your property value with our renowned stipple removal!

Team Supreme professionals take pride in transforming your ceilings into clean and smooth surfaces that will expand the look of your spaces and increase your Property Value.

Why Remove stipple/popcorn from your ceilings?


  • Modernize the look of your home.

  • Reduce respiratory and other health issues due to nicotine and dust build up.

  • Increase your Market Share when selling your home.

Dust Reduction Process


  • Cover all return air vents.

  • Section off all designated stipple removal areas.

  • Cover all floors, furniture, countertops and handrails.

  • Use the most up-to-date equipment geared to prioritize dust reduction.

  • Use of quality mud/plaster during the skim coat.

  • Use of high end paint products to create the look our clients deserve.

  • Complete clean-up of all designated areas.

Popcorn Ceiling and Stipple Removal for smooth ceiling
Stipple Removal: News
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