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Why paint the exterior of your house?


To most homeowners the answer is simple. Curb appeal and pride of ownership!

However, behind this natural response are the practical reasons like general maintenance and protection of your biggest investment.


If the correct product is used, your exterior siding, fascia, doors, frames, shutters, porches will weather our harsh Canadian winters and remain fresh and clean far longer than you ever expected.

Similar to interior repainting, painting the exterior of your home is the most inexpensive remodelling project you could invest in. Protecting and beautifying with one project!



What type of siding can be painted?

Basically, all siding can be painted.


Preparation of all surfaces are key to the longevity of all exterior siding projects. Product choices that meet the environmental circumstances such as overhanging trees or constant exposure to UV rays, is where our Team Supreme expert estimators excel.

Wrong preparation or choice of products can substantially reduce the life and look of the exterior of your home.

Our experienced crews are experts in preparation of all types of sub-straits. Some siding will be sprayed and some with more traditional “brush and roller” paint application. A final completed project we can be proud of is our goal. If we are happy with the outcome, you the homeowner, will be thrilled.

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