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A Fresh, Modern Look

Why remove wallpaper?


The No. 1 reason to remove wallpaper in a residential home: give a fresh modern look to your space. Although careful application of wallpaper as an accent or an insert can be very affective, wallpaper can date a home.


It is often a huge factor for why a potential buyer will NOT buy your home.


However, with the correct procedure, equipment, and knowledgeable professionals, your investment can be transformed into the modern, updated home.

Damaged walls


Most homeowners will try to remove wallpaper themselves before hiring a professional. This can be very costly because of the damage that may occur if the wall paper is not removed correctly. Wallpaper applied directly on drywall, multiple layers of wallpaper, and painted wallpaper, are only a few of the challenges a homeowner will face when undertaking this very difficult project.

Wallpaper Removal Before and After
Wallpaper Removal: News
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